Thursday, June 2, 2011

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We have been through a recession and many people are still facing an uncertain future as companies are offering more jobs to people willing to work from home. From the company's point of view it makes sense to reduce overheads in this way. Savings can be made by utilising online services rather than employing people directly. The costs associated with direct employment including pensions, health insurance, Social Security and other fringe benefits are completely eliminated along with the subsequent reduction in office space and consumables. There are similar benefits available to the individual working from home where savings can be made on major items like childcare and commuting. It's the obvious solution for mothers with young children, those unfortunate enough to have disabilities and the ever-increasing baby boomer population of retirees.

Not only is it an excellent way to supplement your income or your pension, but the cost of entry is also relatively low. You obviously need a computer and a broadband connection, but that's about it. A telephone is usually essential, particularly if you are involved in telemarketing, insurance, direct sales or some form of customer relationship management.

It is very often possible to find online jobs that require no previous experience, but if training is offered it should be accepted with alacrity. You should aim to complete the training as quickly and efficiently as possible to indicate your desire to work and to accelerate your earning potential. Jobs requiring little more than an ability to use a keyboard accurately are many and varied and include data entry, medical transcription, data processing, placing advertisements and paid surveys. On the other hand, if you're fortunate enough to have a particular skill you can significantly improve your online job prospects. Fluency in a foreign language is particularly beneficial as companies are always looking for individuals who can work from home translating documents and marketing material. Software programming and website design are also areas that are well-suited to working from home. People with writing or editing talents can find work writing articles and blogs through sites such as or

Another great alternative is to become an online affiliate. This requires some knowledge or experience of building a website, however there are now many software programs available that make this process far easier than it was only a year or two ago. Affiliate marketing involves creating a website to promote other people's products online using the services available from sites like It takes a little time to get started and even longer to get your website to the top of the search engine listings, but once this is achieved the income stream becomes virtually automatic.

When you are looking for an online job you need to be wary of any site or advertisement suggesting that you can make vast sums of money overnight. Get rich quick schemes hardly ever deliver the promised results and you can be assured that if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Unfortunately there is no substitute for hard work and determination on the road to success and anyone thinking otherwise is likely to be rapidly disillusioned. Whilst there are any number of legitimate online jobs available that will not charge any type of fee it has to be said that a significant number of fraudulent sites also exist. These sites tend to ask for a membership fee or an upfront "security deposit" before you are allowed to access the online job opportunity. Needless to say fraudulent sites of this nature fail to deliver any benefit after they have taken your payment. Other sites offering opportunities to work from home will try and sell you a software program or some form of training that will "guarantee" enormous sums of money almost overnight with no particular effort on your part. However believable the advertisements might be you should not be duped into parting with your cash.

It is, of course, possible to make significant sums of money by working online or utilising your entrepreneurial skills to develop your own website. But don't be seduced into thinking that you will be an overnight success. Working from home presents great opportunities, many of which require little or no particular skill, but all of them require hard work and determination. If you're prepared to be realistic and persistent you will find the right online job to suit your requirements that will generate a reasonable income.


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