Saturday, May 28, 2011

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The days of hunting and pecking through your local newspaper for employment are long gone. The preferred method is now job seeking online due to the wonderful world of the internet. Although there are still jobs in your local classifieds, there is no where near the opportunity offered online and it is much more cumbersome to search the classifieds.
The world is truly a smaller place with the ease of internet surfing for employment in the comfort of your own home on your laptop.
There are numerous employment opportunities to look for on a job information site and it’s really quite easy. It’s as simple as setting up an account with your email address and other contact information and either uploading your resume or doing a simple copy and paste.
Expect the very basics… name, address, phone number, geographic area you would like to work and salary range expected.
Expect to provide the following during the online application process:
o Detailed educational background.
o Detailed employment history which would include the specific job responsibilities.
o Be prepared to explain why you are choosing a specific geographic area if it is not where you currently live
o Your preferred industry or job desires and why you are choosing them.
This information will be formulated to show you the specific jobs that work for you and match you with prospective employment and specific employers. It’s almost always a free service and you will get email updates on a daily basis.
There are also sites that will send your digital resume to hundreds of prospective employers automatically and that will generally give you a leg up on the competition in the job hunting world.
Many different people have a job need… not just professionals. You’ll see contract jobs online, temp jobs online, ordinary work jobs online and other blue collar work online positions available.
Although there are many sites set up to fine tune the process, you can also check the websites of specific companies for employment as many have a careers section. You can find Fedex job listings, Domino pizza jobs, job openings in Sears, jobs at Kohl and many other companies by visiting their specific sites.
The difference with going to a specific company’s site as opposed to a broad based site is you will be limited to that particular company and that will of course reduce your chance at employment.
Job seeking online is the wave of the present and surely will be the wave of the future.


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